7 benefits Google My Business can bring to your business

What is Google My Business

 Before you can fully understand its potential, it is important to understand what Google My Business actually is.

Google My Business is a free tool, through which companies can manage their online presence on the Google search engine.

Through this platform, your customers will find your business through the information available on the network. 

The purpose of your Google My Business listing is to grow your business by providing users and potential customers with information such as the opening hours of your business, telephone numbers and address to your website. As we are a web design company when our customer searches us by our company name he will get the direction and all other information. 

Therefore, it is clear that to make the best use of this tool offered by Google, you need to add as much information about your company in order to optimize your profile.

Read on to find out what the benefits of optimizing your Google My Business listing are.

The 7 benefits of Google My Business for businesses

The correct setting of your Google My Business profile leads to several advantages. In particular:

  • Local positioning
  • Give valuable business information to your customers
  • In-depth and updated statistics
  • Inserting photos and/or videos increases the chance of being seen online
  • Send messages addressed to users through posts and offers
  • Manage reviews
  • Answer the questions that are asked directly in Google My Business

Let’s see them in detail one by one.

1. Local positioning of your business

One of the most immediate benefits is Local placement. In fact, this is one of the primary actions concerning the discipline of Local SEO, that is the optimization for the geolocalized results of the search engines. As we are a web design agency we submit our website in the directories of the areas where we provide our services.

By doing so, Our company appears with all the data when a user close to us needs web design services.

The guidelines for harnessing the power of Local SEO

To make the most of Local SEO, you need to follow some simple guidelines:

  • Your company must be relevant with the search for users interested in your products and/or services. If the information is detailed, Google will allow you to be among the most noticeable results.
  • A user can search the web for a company, specifying whether or not to enter the area of ​​his interest.
  • If it fails to do so, Google identifies its geographic target through algorithms based on the user’s searches and on its geolocation.
  • Google determines the authority of your company, based on information from the web. Remember that user reviews, positive feedback and brand mentions help to elevate the authority of your brand.

2. Give valuable business information to your customers

The second big advantage of Google My Business is the ability to give very useful business information to users who are potentially interested in what you have to offer. For example, we are a web development company, we have to offer the exact web services with full details. 

If you noticed, when you search for an activity in search engines, the results no longer appear only in the classic list of links. On the right side of the screen, there is an information sheet containing the logo, map, and various information relating to the company sought. In this way, all the information that can increase contacts with the business, as well as the link to the site and the driving directions, are immediately visible.

This type of online card is designed from a mobile-first point of view. In other words, when searches are carried out by telephone, the information proposed by Google My Business is immediately and more clearly visible. Given the wide use we all make of the smartphone, it is clear how important this aspect is.

3. In-depth and updated statistics

Google My Business pays close attention to the statistics it is able to offer and shows very useful data to analyze the online presence of your brand.

For instance:

  • You can learn how people have searched for the business, whether by writing the address, the specific name or using more general terms.
  • There are statistics relating to the number of views and clicks made, with specifics on the type of link that is opened. This way you can know if users are more interested in the site or contact information.
  • You also get data about the interactions with the images of the business published in the Google My Business listing.

4. Inserting photos and/or videos increases the chance of being seen online

Businesses that have photos on their Google My Business listing are viewed by a higher percentage of users than businesses that don’t have photos in their accounts.

Do not overlook this detail, as the optimization of your profile cannot be complete if there are no photos inside. These also help you to better define your business, providing your potential customers with a more precise overview of what they will find on your site and/or in your physical store.

5. Send messages addressed to users through posts and offers

The post of Google My Business allows you to post messages that are displayed when a user searches for your company on Google.

Initially, posts were limited to simple text, but now they can also include offers and products.

6. Manage reviews

Are reviews really that important?

Yes, because today people read the opinions of those who have already been a customer of a business before going to a store or making a purchase. Not only that: they are also the most important ranking factor at the local search level. Plus, if your business doesn’t have any, there is a risk that Google will penalize it. So, in addition to managing reviews, always invite your customers to leave them.

7. Answer the questions that are asked directly in Google My Business

In the Questions and Answers” section there is an option that allows you to pre-fill them, thus anticipating the questions of users and your potential customers. It is basically a question of creating the FAQ section which needs to be taken care of carefully. Nothing is more convincing than a company that, in just one click, tells you everything you need to know!

Optimize your Google My Business listing with Isola

As you have noticed, the use of Google My Business allows you to obtain important advantages . These can range from an improvement in your online presence, to increases in revenue and turnover.

The best way to make the most of what this Google service can offer is to rely on a team of experts who work with these tools every day.

The Isola di Comunicazione web agency is the help you need: our experts take care of the management of Google My Business and your entire online presence for you . In this way you exploit all the potential of the web without difficulty and profitably.

Contact us and ask for a free quote!

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