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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of actions on a site to improve the site’s visibility in search engines by internal optimization of the site for keywords to monetize traffic from search engines further. So now the question that arises “What is SEO or search engine optimization?” SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of measures to optimize the external and internal factors of the site. It increases the site’s position in the search engine and improves the relevance of the content about users’ search queries. SEO site optimization methods are divided into two types: working with internal factors and external factors. If you are searching for an SEO consultant in Vancouver or the best Vancouver SEO company, you are at the right place. Being the best Vancouver SEO company, we provide you with the best SEO services in Vancouver to boost your business by attaining first position on Google. 

External and Internal SEO of a Website – SEO in Vancouver

The essence of optimization is to meet all the requirements of search engines fully. Therefore, if the site is optimized as much as possible, it will always be shown higher than the non-optimized resource in the search results. While doing SEO of your website, our Vancouver SEO experts consider both SEO factors i.e external and internal. For internal, including the work on the code of the site and its contents. For example, work on the site page titles (title) and the uniqueness of the text. For external optimization, including the volume of reference weight on your site. The more links, the more trust and “respect” from the search engines. Of course, it does not mean purchased or rented links, which are classified as “black” SEO. Instead, it means natural and honestly earned links back to your site.

What is search engine optimization?

It is a set of works to improve the position of a site in the search engine for certain keywords. Our SEO web designer team is proficient at creating your website according to SEO strategies. Before we move forward, you need to know some terms.

Black and gray SEO is a risky way to promote a website in which there is a high chance of hitting the site under search engine sanctions.

White SEO is a safe method of promotion, which minimizes the risks of getting a site under the search engine filter.

Website optimization is the first stage of SEO promotion, preparing the site for promotion in the search engine. Website optimization helps to understand the search engine for which keywords you need to show the site in the search.

On-Page SEO Services By Vancouver SEO Company

The term On-Page refers to the website optimization with some specific keywords to improve the website’s search engine ranking and traffic. However, there are so many other factors of on-page SEO. 

Keyword Research

The first step in On-page SEO is keyword research. Our Vancouver SEO specialists analyze the competitor websites and search the high volume and low difficulty keywords. Then, these keywords are used in the content so that your website can rank on high volume keywords to get more traffic. 

Duplicate site pages

Sometimes, some CMS (site engines) create multiple versions of a single page of a site that is accessible from multiple URLs. Let’s say the home page of your site can be accessed by many addresses i.e index.html, index.php etc. Providing the best SEO services in Vancouver, we check it and use the link which is best while removing the duplicate links. To eliminate duplicates, we make a 301 server redirect. This command makes it clear to the search engine that the pages from which the redirect was made have been moved to a different address. Thus, we will glue the same site pages into one, which meets the requirements of Google and other search engines. You also check all the other pages.

Meta Tags

As we provide the best SEO in Vancouver so, after the development of the semantic core of the site, We Optimize:

Meta tags

Add tags H1-H6;

Add alt tags to images.

We write the catchy and best <title> and <description> meta tags to increase the number of clicks. With an increased number of clicks, your website can get more traffic, and your website ranking is boosted. We use H1-H6 tags in the content according to which Google ranks your website. 

 Alt tag

Since search engines have not yet learned to understand what is written in the image, in other words, they do not know what kind of picture, photograph or diagram, or maybe text, there is, each image must be given a name – alternative text, which is indicated in the Alt tag. So we set the alt tag of each image accordingly. If the user searches anything by the image, the alt text helps the user get the exact result and increases the website’s traffic. 

Maybe a person who went to the site while searching for a picture turns out to be your target customer, but you will receive additional traffic, and with it good behavioural factors that Google and Yandex pay attention to.

 Sitemap – sitemap.xml

Sitemap creation is the part of SEO web design and there is a website named a sitemap generator. On this website, you can generate the sitemap of your website. The sitemap contains a list of all the addresses of the pages on the site that tell the search engines that the robot needs to be indexed.

It is usually available at:

https: // site_name/sitemap.xml

After generating the sitemap, we place it in the root of your site directory.

Seo copywriting

We stand #1 in Vancouver SEO companies as we have the best SEO expert team. To optimize your site, we optimize its texts. SEO texts are necessary for your site to be found for keyword queries. There are a lot of keywords that can fit into your website according to the niche, and it is correct to write a separate article for each query, but it is very time-consuming or expensive. Therefore, we place several dozen search queries in SEO text, but it is not a fact that all of them will work in the search engine results. We provide unique SEO text that will be Keyword optimized. 

 Content uniqueness

Being the best Vancouver SEO company, we emphasize content uniqueness. Before optimizing a site internally, we check the “uniqueness” of all the material on the site before promoting it. Google and Yandex in the search results show above those sites that host unique text. But only uniqueness in the text is not enough, Keyword optimized and readable content is the key to get success in SEO which is our core functionality. 

 Internal linking

Interlinking the website pages together help the user to find the right content. It also helps the crawler to crawl the website pages instantly. We interlink your website page because this set of links forms a positive attitude of search engines to the site. The re-linking of pages is divided into external and internal. External linking is linking to other sites. And internal linking is links that are placed from one page of the site to another. Both of these are extremely important for search engine optimization.

 Site load speed

It is a part of technical SEO that our Vancouver SEO experts will perform while optimizing your website. If the site load speed is not good, it will increase the bounce rate that can harm the website ranking. The website is beautiful as well as Keyword optimized, but if its speed is not optimized, the visitor will not wait for its loading. Our SEO experts know how to optimize the load speed for both devices i.e desktop and mobile. The first thing that affects the load speed is to choose quality hosting. We also optimize all images on the site, reduce their size or quality. If your website is custom developed then our developers also help the SEO team in boosting the speed. If you have a WordPress website then we use the SEO WordPress plugin to improve SEO and speed. You can check the loading speed of your website pages using the service from Google: Wesite speed test


Off-Page SEO Services By Vancouver SEO Company

The term Off-page SEO refers to any action taken outside the website to improve its ranking. Optimizing your website for off-page SEO means that we improve the way that both users and search engines will see your site in terms of authority and relevancy. The main strategy to do off-page SEO is link building. 


Linkbuilding or backlinks generation is done to increase the authority of the web pages. There are different strategies of backlinks generation that provides do-follow as well as no-follow links. We adopt different backlink strategies that provide the best backlinks to your site to increase ranking. Some of the backlink strategies we adopt are:

  • Guest Content
  • Forum Posting
  • Local Listings

Social Media Marketing

We do social media SEO in which we create social signals for different web pages of your website. We use different social media platforms i.e Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram to create the social signal that will send traffic to your website. 

Business Citations

We create your Google my business page and post on it on a regular basis. Then we search for different business citation website where we add your business. This is the strategy of local SEO, and by following this, we can boost your business website in your local area.

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