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No.1 & Affordable, Cheap Price, Environmental and Eco Friendly website designs in Vancouver

Face of your business

Affordable , Cheap Price Web Design & Web Development in Vancouver

A professional website design for landscaping, greenhouses and gardening web design for your company that can help your business attract more qualified leads and close more high-value sales. At Saint Code , we offer landscape web design services that provide your company with a fast and responsive site optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

Gardens change over time, the simplest example being seasons. You want your garden to look as good in the middle of autumn as it does in the spring.

When the trees you have planted are small, they do not produce much shade and the plants at their feet can get a lot of sun. A couple of years down the line, there is a lot more of that shade and you need to change the plants to adapt to that new environment. If you now have a very young child running around, that open water puddle might not be such a good idea anymore, or you might need barriers around it to prevent any accident.

When we launch a website, even if we ran some good user testing, adjustments are bound to be needed after the first three months. The priorities of the business will change over time and the website has to reflect those changes.

Yet, more often than not when I talk to clients, they seem to think that, once the website is built and launched, they are done with it.

Growth Focused

We ensure your website design aligns and achieves your business growth objectives.

Conversion Focused

We ensure your website looks amazing, but most importantly is designed to convert visitors into action.

Mobile First

We approach all websites with a mobile first focus so your website performs well into the future.


We plan for the future and ensure your website can scale and grow as you do.

Affordable, Cheap price Website Design and Development in Vancouver B.C Canada

SaintCode is a website, mobile app design, and development company in Vancouver, Richmond, and Surrey. We have an experienced team of developers and designers. We have built websites for companies from small to big at very affordable and cheap prices across the world. As a team, we celebrate our achievements and we love facing new challenges. Our price stands out and beat many other website design companies in Vancouver, Surrey, and Richmond B.C Canada.

We are a #1 web designer in Vancouver B.C Canada. We create affordable and cheap price websites in the best quality for small businesses to the large business website, eCommerce website with unique features and functionality, and a one-page website. Our designers always have high quality, innovative features, and technologies that will make your business website more attractive.

SaintCode Affordable, Cheap Price, High Quality Website Development & Design Process


The first step is to get together with you and understand what your requirements are, look and feel of the website, the purpose, goals and target audience.


This is where any necessary development will take place if the site requires custom HTML or databases. We’ll also make changes to ensure the design is responsive at this stage.


In this stage we plan every step according to your requirement. look and feel of the website, the purpose, goals and target audience.


We’ll ensure your website is fit for purpose during this stage, we’ll complete browser compatibility testing and ensure all technical features of the website deliver the functionality required


In the design stage we'll work with you to create the visual style of the website and work to ensure the user experience is spot on and UI is best for the user.


In this stage we will work with you to agree the content required on your site. We’ll suggest and agree photos and videos that will enhance your site.


Launch day! We’ll publish your website and ensure it can be seen by the major search engines. We’ll monitor the website post launch and make any necessary bug fixes and amendments. Going forward we would be delighted to manage maintenance and future updates of your website.

Why you should choose us?

  1. Affordable, Low, and Reasonable price Website design, Mobile App Design, and website development in Vancouver B.C Canada.
  2. Fully Responsive, Cheap, and Reasonable price Website design, Mobile App Design, and development in Vancouver.
  3. Mobile-Friendly Website design and development in Vancouver.
  4. Support for up to 3 months after launching the websites.
  5. Free Consultancy

Affordable, Cheap Price & High Quality Website Design and Development in Vancouver.
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