Magento 2 Website Development in Vancouver

SaintCode is a Magento 2 development agency in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond and BC that specialises in customised Magento 2 ecommerce solutions. SaintCode not only knows how to include unique features, designs, and functionality but also understands what it takes for your Magento 2 website to run responsively, with years of expertise in this field. Based on the Magento Open Source platform, we create quick, high-performing, fully scalable, and secure B2C and B2B ecommerce websites. We also provide Magento 2 SEO services so that our clients may maintain their development and SEO efforts in one place. Contact us immediately to discuss your project and specific requirements.
The eCommerce environment continues changing as online businesses seek custom online storefronts that deliver the most outstanding consumer experience. Magento 2 is the industry standard for eCommerce websites due to its creative web design, responsive theme set, and modern architecture. When it comes to the criteria of an internet business, it checks all the boxes. It is speedy, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly. It can also host multiple websites.

Magento 2 Website design and Development & User Interface

One of our primary goals is to create a Magento 2 ecommerce store that reflects your company. For a good user experience, your Magento 2 website should reflect the colour, feel, and tone of your company’s business and identity. With Magento 2 Customization, our Magento 2 specialists will create a website design that meets your specifications and includes UI design features to ensure ease of use. A beautiful design paired with a simplified user interface can help you to increase user retention on your ecommerce site.

Magento Website Development in Burnaby

Once your Magento 2 ecommerce website is complete and ready to launch, our developers start with the next phase. The next step includes the integration of your existing software with your new Magento 2 ecommerce solution. To maximize your business sales or boost your business, you should integrate your new online store with several third-party platforms for more functionality. When you migrate to Magento 2, you must also verify that all third-party software you previously used is optimized to function with your Magento 2 ecommerce store. Our Magento 2 development team also has the technical knowledge to connect a CRM with your Magento 2 shop. We will provide a seamless connection with your new website by leveraging open-source architecture.

Magento 2 Final stage

In the final stage, our Magento 2 developer at SaintCode do the testing of the final product i.e alpha and beta testing. After testing the final product if you need some revisions our developers will revise the website until you are completely satisfied. Once you are satisfied with web design and functionalities, Our Magento 2 developer direct you about its working and will give you the 2 hours training.

Why Magento 2 ?

There are many reasons to use Magento 2 for ecommerce store development. some of the main reasons are:

  • It’s Open Source. 
  • It’s Scalable. …
  • It’s Easy to Manage.
  • It’s User-Friendly. 
  • Magento Supports Mobile Commerce. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation. 
  • Security and Payment Options.
  • Integration with Third-Party Services.

Mogento 2 Development& Design Process


In the first phase of the Magento 2 development process, you have to define the procedure of developing your idea into a successful app.

Analysis and Planning

In the second step, you have to plan and analyse the procedure to convert the idea into an actual product. Analysis and planning begin with requirement gathering and defining use-case.

UI / UX Design

The third step is to create an interactive UI/UX design with an excellent user experience. A great UI/UX design is that which don't pinch the user and keep the user engaged.


The fourth step is to create a prototype of the Magento 2 website. The prototypes are copies of the final product with less functionality to check customer satisfaction.


testing is done after the completion of the website to check either the product is working properly or it needs to be fixed. The QA team analyses the testing procedure and recommends changes if needed.

Deployment & Support

In this phase we Launch the Magento 2 Websites and for good user experience we also guide the client with whole functionality and also provide support for future.
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