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As you know, this is the era of the internet. The mobile phone has become essential to life. Because every business is shifting over the internet so app development field is at its boom. A mobile app or mobile application is designed using different tools and languages to run it on a mobile device, which can be a smartphone or tablet computer. A mobile app is application software that is designed for a specific reason or service with limited functions. Since 2016 over 4 billion apps downloaded just from IOS and Android alone. At SaintCode, we have a team of professional app developers in Vancouver ready to code your thought into a running software product. We stand among the best app developer companies in Vancouver, Canada. 

iPhone Apps

Apple is the company that has its own system software i.e iOS. You can download the iOS app from the iOS app store. The success of the iOS ecosystem is based on its ability to show a wonderful user experience. Application software developed to use on iOS supported devices is called an iOS app. iPhone app developers create an app that looks smart with a user interface and works with technical perfection. The developers use simple and easy code for the responsiveness of the app. At SaintCode, we have the best iOS developers and other mobile app developers. We emphasize user experience with the app and work for customer satisfaction. The user experience is defined by how users interact with an app. You now have the ability to engage customers in meaningful ways on a platform that affects millions of people every day. For IOS development, we use Flutter.

Android Apps

Nowadays, every single person, either educated or illiterate, knows how to use a smartphone. Most of the users of smartphones have android devices. So numerous apps are being developed every single day. At SaintCode, we code your dreams into the Android app. We have a very vast experience in Google’s smartphone technology, and our development team is skilled in everything associated with it. As we are the best app developers in Vancouver, so in Android development, we focus on addressing the issues of Android fragmentation. Our first concern is to make sure that the app we develop for you must look beautiful and work smoothly on all devices regardless of screen size, OS version, and processors. We use Java for Android development

Hybrid Cross platform App

Hybrid Cross-platform mobile applications are those that are supported on multiple mobile platforms i.e Android and iOS. At SaintCode we develop Hybrid Cross-platform mobile applications. It has its own set of problems in both the iOS and Android operating systems. But when done correctly, it may provide exceptional results. And that’s exactly what we do: we excel in hybrid apps. Using a results-oriented strategy.

Mobile App Development & Design Process


The first stage of mobile app development is to make a strategy to develop your idea into a successful app.

Analysis and Planning

At this stage, the developers analyse the requirements and make a plan to convert them into a software product.

UI / UX Design

At the third sage, an attractive UI/UX design is created with an excellent user experience to give a professional look to an app.


The prototype is the first copy of the app with fewer functionalities. It is developed to test either the app will be successful and is user friendly or not.


After the development of the final product, the quality assurance team do a performance test to evaluate the app's performance. After the alpha and beta testing the app will be handed over to you.

Deployment & Support

At this stage, the mobile app is submitted on the respective app store i.e android or iOS. However, you will need an account to submit the app at the Playstore o iOS app store.
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