Develop Web Design for Your Private Clinic & Pharmacy in Vancouver

SaintCode provides services related to web design and development in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, and BC. If you are searching for a software development company to develop your website regarding health care services and pharmacy, then you are on the right platform. We can develop a website for your private clinic in Vancouver as well as a private pharmacy in Vancouver. Our team of professional web experts can design and develop any kind of website with any number of functionalities.

What a Website of private clinic in Vancouver Needs

Responsive Design

Patients most of the time use mobile phones to open websites. So we design and develop a responsive website. 

Content management system 

We develop your website with a user-friendly content management system so that your non-tech employees won’t need to call a technical specialist every time to make changes in the content and while posting updates.

Backend for a mobile app

Your website can be the backend for the mobile app, allowing patients to view their health data from mobile devices.

High performance

We develop your website in such a way that it has a tight connection with the backend and frontend. That means we emphasize the performance of the website so that it loads quickly. 


We develop a full cycle of medical website including:

  • Business analysis;
  • Design;
  • Implementation;
  • Content migration;
  • Training for content contributors;
  • Maintenance.

Patients Interaction wit your website of private clinic in Vancouver

We have developed many websites of clinics and pharmacies so we have deep knowledge about what customers seek in the website. Our team will develop a website that shows all the necessary information required by the patient about the hours of your clinic or pharmacy, information about the staff, history of the doctor, health education, health plans guide, and Q&A section. There will be an option to chat where the patients can ask about their queries.

For the patients, there is a portal at which they can perform online registration. After which they can request to book an appointment. The staff check their request and provides the appointment date. After the checkup at the prescribed date, the complete examination results will be uploaded in pictorial form or Pdf form. Our developed portal also provides access to upload prescriptions and medication refill request forms and e-billing.

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