what is an seo friendly website

What is an SEO Friendly Website and why you need it?

 Do you know about SEO-friendly websites? If not, this article will tell you about SEO-friendly websites and how such websites can help you grow your business. Other questions will be addressed in this article while avoiding the use of technical words.

An SEO friendly Web Design

SEO for all published web pages by combining the fact that the user-friendly concept and infrastructure setup desired by the search engines on their websites are created using the most up-to-date design software technology, the website visitors find what they are looking for immediately, and the site gives the most accurate information about the relevant sector to the visitors in a simple and purposeful way. It’s called compatible web design. 

SEO Friendly Website Meaning 

The most frequently asked question is what is SEO friendly website? The website whose structure and content are simple for search engines to crawl and interpret. Some of the characteristics of on-page SEO friendly websites are: 

#1 – Unique titles Tags and Description tags

Every page of the website (including the home page) should have a unique title and description. The length of the title must be 60 characters. Because the 60 character title is fully visible on the search engines. The description should be between 150 and 160 characters long. Titles and descriptions should be keyword optimized and accurately describe the page.

#2 – Formatted URLs – URLs

Because permanent links are created just once, these links or slugs (the URL of a webpage) are self-explanatory. Use lower cases and separate by dashes.

#3- Fast loading web pages

Neither people nor search engines like web pages badly formatted with a poor loading speed. On the other hand, fast loading websites are SEO friendly so they generate more user interactions.

 #4 – Unique content

Content is the backbone of every website. The content of your website will not be found anywhere else on any other web page. All the pages of the website have unique content and the content must not repeat on any of the web pages. This indicates that if a website has duplicated content from other websites, it cannot be SEO friendly.

#5 – Include SEO optimized images.

Search engines prefer content that conveys reality and truth. But you must add some images in the content that conveys the exact meaning of the content because visitors like it. It makes your information easier and more entertaining to read for both novice and experienced readers. When you do so, take it in your mind that you must optimize the images in size, give the image a proper name and write the meaningful ALT text. 

#6 – Structure of Web Pages

Mostly the web pages have the following elements:

  • Header
  • Menu Bar
  • Page Title (that’s the H1 tag – only one per page)
  • Well formatted text that is divided into a number of short paragraphs with subheadings
  • Company information
  • Footer

Do you have an idea about the need for an SEO friendly website?

Most of the new and small business owners don’t easily understand the importance of why they need SEO friendly websites? Well, some of the reasons you need to know are as follows:  

#1 – It increases organic traffic 

The SEO friendly website will grab more traffic and reach from the search engines because it runs higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Because the majority of the people who use the search box, select one of the first five results. So you must understand the importance of SEO. 

#2 – Makes websites friendly for users and customers

SEO friendly websites are not only for search engines but are for users as well. Making a website SEO friendly will make it easy to use and this will improve the user experience. 

#3 – SEO friendly website makes your brand credible

Users trust those websites and businesses that are found on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This will boost your brand’s reliability.

#4 – Cost-effective

Without spending money on PPC or other types of online advertising, an SEO website will deliver more organic targeted visitors 24×7. There is a cost for SEO to get to that stage, but the long-term advantages outweigh the short-term costs. 

#5 – Helps you understand the need of customers

SEO drives the quality traffic to your website. By analysing the behaviour of users you can understand what are the preferences of your customers and you can adjust your website or products according to their needs. 

#6 –Mobile Optimised

A website that is optimized for mobile usability gets a good ranking on mobile search. It can get more traffic and customers and traffic than in contrast to the websites that are not mobile optimized. 

It is the mobile era. Even a school kid has a smartphone. So more and more users are using their mobiles to search for information about the product or service. So you must SEO optimize your website for mobile usability. 


There are some features and characteristics that differentiate an SEO-friendly website from other websites. These features and characteristics help search engines understand the search engines understand about the website. Due to which there is a chance for the website to get a better ranking in the SERPs. If your website is SEO optimized you will get more reach and traffic that will result in more sales. 

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